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Godhatesfurries.com is a website dedicated to showcasing the dark, crazy side of the Furry internet community.

You're here because you're one of three types of people. You're either a Furry, in which case you'll want to go to the Contact page so you can learn how to complain about this site. Or, you know nothing about Furries or what they are, so you should head to the About Furries page. Or, you're not a Furry, you already know what Furries are and you're here to get the lowdown on how to deal with them OR just laugh at them.


It is very good that this website has survived and continued to thrive now for almost thirteen years. I feel as though we are approaching the point where the people that send emails in to me, which still happens at an astonishing rate, are pretty soon going to be much younger than the website itself.

In the thirteen years I have owned this website, a lot of things have happened. It has been mentioned in awful self-published books, as well as too many angry blogs written by nerds to count, the ancient dating site for overweight bohemians OKCupid, on TV shows, on radio, and in September 2006 a magazine called Computer Gaming World stole most of the website and re-printed it in their magazine verbatim without credit. On top of that, I have a good few thousand emails, a lot of which threaten physical or other kinds of harm. I am still waiting on a guy called FluffyDiaperBunnny88 (who I guess really loves furry animal diaper play, and Hitler) from 7 years ago who said if I didn't take down this website in 3 days he'd do it for me, and then kill me. I guess he's dead now, or married with children. A guy called Jordan Crandall said to me in 2010 "If you aren't careful, you may end up in the on an autopsy table as a murder victim.", but I've just checked and I'm still fine 6 years on. I mean, jesus, I have email going back so far there's stuff in here from DIGG. Anyway, over the next days I will plan to read through as many as I can in this massive archive, perhaps searching for funny keywords to ensure I find the best ones, and post them on this website in the first real update in maybe a decade.



One of my favourite blogs on the internet is PWSNT - a resource for showcasing those who post racial slurs in public on Facebook/Twitter etc. It's a great idea because certiantly if you hold such views you should be forced to defend them in public. Well, just recently one particular entry caught my eye, the entry of Mike 'taintedheart' Wolf, the first instance they have seen of a Furry racist, necessitating the creation of a new category on the PWSNT blog. Obviously, Mike's Facebook is publically accessible and is of course a massive Goldmine, chronicling his sad life.

can bleave im thinking about killing myself again
27 February at 19:18
i feel like the girl im with dont want me....whatever man
27 February at 18:37
thats it im done with everything.....ill think about myself from now on and thats it
27 February at 18:28
im fucking pissed im going to fight this nigger right noe ima go to yo house u dont wanna meet me and fight lil punk ass bitch
15 March at 19:25
A massive racist and a Furry - poor fellow has nothing going for him at all!



So I've gone ahead and added an entirely new full second page of emails I have received. I've been meaning to do this for a while because I haven't actually added any new emails for quite a long time. The reason for this is that is there's always a lot to choose from and trawling through my email is quite a time consuming job. So I put it off. For several years. Today though I've picked a few out, and wound up adding an entire new second page. Feel free to drop me a line, and enjoy a whole slew of new death threats and crazy correspondence. I'll try my best to continue to trawl the archives and add more in the near future.



Here is a good youtube of a furry who has been denied the opportunity to legally change his name to Boomer the Dog. He barks, wears dog ears and fursuits and generally represents the average furry, but my particular favourite is that it looks like he hasn't washed his hair in about 30 years.



One of my favourite e-mail exchanges occured recently. A guy sent me a long email - typical of the kind I get all the time - defending his fursuiting, furry pornography, and ripping on this website as being biased etc. typical overreacting stuff. But he did so from the central admin email address of the web development company he apparently works for, and signed the email with his real name, job title etc. I replied in typical fashion - indicating that I was not interested in his arguments - only to receive an apologetic email from someone who I assumed to be his boss a few hours later, apologizing for the guy's abuse of the admin email account of the company.

Times may change, but one thing remains the same - furries are pretty dumb. Take this as a warning - if you are going to send off an email espousing the details of your furry lifestyle, for the security of your own future employment don't send it from a work email address, and for the love of god do not send it from a communal account that your colleagues have access to!



I thought I might share a particularly entertaining Youtube with you that was recently brought to my attention.

Within, an angry teenager tells us why we should stop mocking furries. My favourite thing about the video is that while he is screaming at his webcam about furries, his dad or something is blatantly sitting in the background watching, and you can almost feel his shame burning away.




An excellent image has been brought to my attention. Click for much, much bigger.

Imagine if you will the smell. Let's also draw attention to the guy in the front row wearing a t-shirt that says "YIFFY" - because god knows we can't tell he's subhuman filth from the fursuit alone, he has to go and make it 100% explict that yes! I am sexually attracted to animals and proud. There's also a few people not wearing fursuits, and I kind of wish they were, since their extreme ugliness is easy to make out even in such low resolutions. See how many greasy fuckheads with pube-staches and do-rags on their heads OR long, filthy hair you can spot!


They're still out there.


I had an email today
....your site is hilarious. Your spelling is atrocious. And your data is a joke. You seriously believe you can peal away at us like an onion? Good luck with that. You're clawing at steel. You have a new nemesis, thy name be Striker.

I'm a musician. A heavy metal musician/guitarist, with a style that has been said to be similar to Dio. I belong to a group of furries which have been hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack. And you forgot to lock the door. Are you so afraid to leave a real name? Afraid that I may track you down and kill you? Killing you would be a waist of time. I couldn't afford to get there anyway. I'm poor. Be warned, this redeemer shall rise "out of the darkness, brighter then a thousand suns". And yes, that was a quote from Iron Maiden.
Included with the email was a link to this fellow's website where you can listen to some the music he has recorded. Here is the link. I reccomend listening to the song Surrounded by fire (album version), which I will briefly describe: A six minute recording of a herd of cats being raped, while someone repeatedly batters the worlds most out-of-tune guitar with a plank of wood.

I found this website so funny I felt it was important to share. It truely goes to show how totally untalented furries are.


Added Emails.

In other news, I received an email a while back telling me of an article in the september '06 (Yeah this was a while back) issue of now-defunct gaming magazine Computer Gaming World. The article was about furries, and the reader that bought this to my attention was kind enough to include a partial scan, and as it turns out, the article "borrowed" huge chunks of this website without my permission.

They really should have known better. CGW is/was owned by one of the world's biggest media organizations: Ziff Media - but there it was, huge chunks of my website re-printed in glorious colour on the pages of a popular magazine with a huge circulation. I probably should have been angry. Like I said, they didn't ask for permission to re-print my writings, and they didn't even provide a link back. But I was not angry, and in the end any kind of mainstream exposure is a good thing.

I noticed that I have a link on the furry page of the Hungarian Wikipedia, which is more than I have on the English page. Apparently Hungarian wikipedia editors are not as deathly afraid of this website as the English editors.


I added a few emails.


Someone recently told me about the WikiFur Central project. It's a wikicity on furryism, basically. It's pretty crappy and a perversion of what Wikipedia is supposed to be about, but that's not really my point. Wikipedia is a great resource for information, but when it comes to cases where they are opposing viewpoints on a topic, Wikipedia tends to be at the mercy of fanatical agenda-driven crazies (Like furries and people who believe in Intelligent Design), which is a shame. Like I said, the site is pretty crappy but there are some funny entries. Like this one for 'Female':
Like many online communities, the number of female members of the furry fandom is significantly lower than the number of males. There are some females out there. Many are artists, and others participate in multiplayer worlds. However, it is still a truism in places like FurryMUCK that "the guys are guys, and the girls are, too." - not entirely true, but close to it.
And part of the entry on zoophilia...
One of the main arguments against zoophilia is that animals cannot "say no", or do not have the intellectual capability to dissent. This is naturally not the case if a sexual act is performed in a consenting manner with an intelligent being.
And entries for Anthroid and Chakat (I have no idea what the fuck). The entry for Sibe is good because the Talk::Sibe page demonstrates just how insane these people are.

Luckily, since this is Wikipedia, each page can be edited and updated by anyone. And since this is the internet and we don't stand for furryism here, they've had to shut down parts of the Wikifur site because people keep defacing it.


I have addedd some new emails.


Can you believe some stupid furry paid $40 for this crappy mspaint drawing? I was laughing at this because someone was telling me about the associated livejournal (of course) drama that goes with it. That's not the best part though, the best part is that someone paid $40 for something knocked up in mspaint in about 5 minutes. It's pretty astounding. It's like when some hot new fad hits eBay, and someone winds up selling a grilled cheese sandwich for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, only with furryism it's happening ALL THE TIME.


I added a few more emails to the emails section.


I've uploaded a small selection of emails that I have received over the past few months. There's not too many, but sharing my emails has been something I've been thinking about doing for a while now. So I figured I might as well get started and pick out some emails I wanted to share. They can be found here. I like getting emails. People email me all kinds of stuff, like stories about their disgusting furry co-workers or employees (I wish I could share those, but I decided that it'd be unfair on both sides and might cost some furry his job at McDonalds or something, which he uses to fund his lust for nine dicked fox porn), or horrible links or pictures. The emails I've shared are more in the vein of rantings from furries though.

On another note, I hear the furry-loving kabal that runs Live Journal is activeley on the lookout for people who are besmirching the good name of the sizeable skunkfucker population on that site, and are going after people's accounts should they be caught fighting the good fight against furries. So be on the lookout if you choose live journal as a battleground, else you might lose the only place you have for posting emo lyrics, photos of yourself crying and discussing how much life sucks.



You might have seen this:


It's a furry bittorrent community. If you don't know what bittorrent is, it's a file sharing system that uses various distributed download methods to make it really, really easy to share files. The redhat Linux company (If you don't know what Linux is don't worry, it's fucking shit) often uses bittorrent technology to distribute versions of it's operating system. Someone has taken advantage of this incredible technology to spread furry filth.

At first look, you might think that it's a pretty awful thing and it should be destroyed. But you'd be wrong.

I had a think about this. A lot of the stuff on f-x-c.net is commercial material. I really don't know what kind of commercial material we're talking about here, I think it's basically compilation CDs of furry artwork and comics that are sold through websites and such -- I don't know, I'm not downloading any of it to find out what it is, but it's stuff you would generally have to pay for.

Since it's commercial material being distributed for free, that must mean someone is losing out financially in the long run, as people who would usually buy whatever yiffy compilation cds are being distributed can just download them for free. That's fucking awesome. Not that I approve though, really. It's still furry art being distributed, and if I had the choice I'd burn it all and imprison the artists.

The furries are, naturally, pretty upset over it all. Check out the f-x-c.net Legal threats forum which I'm sure will be filling up pretty quickly. Anyway, like I said the furries are pretty upset over it, which is a good thing in my book. It's all talk of lawsuits, DDOS attacks, sabotage and the other things whiny furries come out with when they get upset. The best thing is that there's, really, nothing they can do about it. Consider these facts:
  • Furries are fucking poor and cannot afford the legal fees associated with single-handedly taking on the ISP of a website they don't like. Becuase that's exactly what they'd have to do. Either that or go after every single person active on a torrent.
  • Bittorrent is not new, it's been around for a while now. There are sites like http://suprnova.org that offer music, movies, comic books, tv shows and pirated software for free download. These sites have attracted the ire of Microsoft, the RIAA, the MPAA, the BSA and other groups, and together these goliaths have managed to do precisely "fuck" "all." What makes you think some dude who wears a tail and cat ears and posts on the internet all day will be able to do what they, with their legions of lawyers and financial resources, have not?
  • No one particularly cares that someone uploaded your dragon cock art CD to the internet. Have fun explaining your hermaphrodite pissing porn in court or to a lawyer.
  • Bittorrent is not napster. There's no one single target you can aim at to take out the network. It does work under the same princple as napster though -- the bittorrent "tracker" hosts no files, it just co-ordinates the people who have a file and the people who want a file. Setting up a bittorrent tracker is a simple matter of uploading a few files to your webserver. Kill one? Another comes along to seamlessly take it's place with a few clicks.
So for these reasons I have decided that furry bittorrent is a really awesome thing. It gets furries upset and angry, it takes money away from furry artists, and it has caused some furry artists to become so upset over the perceived "theft" of their art that they have quit. And it's only going to get worse because, as we all know furries are an extraordinarily poor group, and would much rather get something for free than pay for it.

I can't argue with those results.


I thought it might be interesting to check out my server logs today, and there's a certian section that lets me see the search terms used to get to this website. To explain, a search term is whatever you tap into Google or Yahoo or something to get search results. Here's a sample...

yiff gallery
yiffing pictures
furcadia yiffy
yiffy pictures
werwolf yiffing pictures
furry yiff gallery
how to make a yiffable plushie
fursuit rape
furries sex cartoons
fursuit sex yiff
furries artwork erotic
yiff cock
horse dragon yiff cock
bugs bunny yiff art
furry how to become
yiffy dragon gay
yiff galleries fur
horse furries
yiff horse cock
fursuit sex
furcadia yiffing
Needless to say I was shocked and appalled to know that there are people on the internet activley searching for information on how to become a furry, how to build yiffable plushies and 'horse dragon yiff cock.'

In this update, I must share with you the artwork of Llewelyn. Most furries can't draw, but Llewelyn really, really, really can't draw.


Sometimes I get email.

From: werwolf
To: webmaster@godhatesfurries.com
Sent: Saturday, April 10, 2004 5:41 PM
Subject: To bad there is No such thing as god

So how can a ghost or spirit hate anyone or thing.
And why not show some of the pictures I took of myself fucking others in fursuits for your hate page, This beast has run across hatred from born again christians with guns. pentacostal iditos trying to exorsize the beast within and frankly.

Im sure your more a closet furry yourself.
Just like most homophobes who are in fact gay...
The beast has spoken. Now have fun with your hate group, I hate all HUMANS your no different. Just confused, at least we dont kill to get our rocks off

See ya in My hell, where satan has a very hot erection I'd love to suck,
I like getting email.

I like getting email even more when I can pop someone's email address into google and turn up postings on usenet from 1997 requesting horse porn.


I thieved some pictures from the Texas Furry Con and added them to the gallery. Word on the street is that this convention was attacked by terrorists.
I'm waiting for someone to file a civil suit against SA for harassment one of these days. I figure that with their hostility towards any sort of eccentricity that it's only a matter of time before they pick on the wrong person/group.

Better yet, just wait for the day when someone is murdered and the perp tries to say that they did it because Something Awful "said they were losers" or whatever. I think SA would quitely go away after such a thing happens...
HahahahahaaHahHAhahA... OH GOD WHY WHY WHY WHY.

I think I'm going to have to add something about terrorism to the 'dealing with Furries' page. It seems terrorism is the new hot one-size-fits-all Furry buzzword, like Hitler.

God really does hate these fuckers, you know.


Furbid roundup
Sweet Jesus of Nazareth, look at the covers!


CHARITY auctions? So let me get this straight. This Furry is selling a picture of a dragon blowing it's beans, for charity? Now, I'm all for charity, but (for example) if I lived in the third world and I knew my 1 meal a week was being funded by some Furry drawing pictures of dragon cocks, I think I'd much rather starve.

I don't know what the fuck this thing is meant to be, but it's got a cock so it'll probably sell. Another charity auction.

The most Horrific Fursuit mask I've ever seen.

To top off all of that horror, here's a picture of a Furry artist's impression of how his Furry self would look just before he pulls the trigger on a shotgun lodged in his mouth.


I noticed this particularly awful peice of artwork on Furbid, and this Compilation CD of evil.

Here's a Link to pictures of some Furry's furry tattoos.

Ugh. To livejournal where someone asks the gothic_furries community if they really do fuck animals. He makes some choice comments like "How does a horse's ass feel when you fuck it? I heard it whinneys with delight when you slam the hell out of it!" as they try to convince him they don't all fuck animals, he also tries his hand at a bit of Furry art, awesome dude!

Updated the gallery.


Hello. I've finally launched this website after it being in open development for a couple of weeks, those who have seen the site already will already know what's here and why it's here, so I won't bore you with the details. It's basically a small site, intended as a primer or a first-look introduction to Furries and their antics on the internet.

I chose the domain name godhatesfurries.com because it seems 'god hates furries' has become a popular catchphrase amongst Furries that are trying to deflect heat. Generally it seems they think that if they say somehing like "GOD HATES FURRIES!!!!!11!!1!ONE 11!!ONE ONE!!" (that 'one' thing is retarded, by the way) in the middle of an argument, it means they've won or somehow made an irrefutable point. But that's wrong for one simple reason...

God really does hate furries.

Please send me some email :( :( :(


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