About Furries

What are Furries?

Furries are members of an internet subculture known as 'Furry' (often referred to as 'Furry Fandom'), they are commonly people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals - animals bearing the attributes of humans (Bugs Bunny is an example - he walks on two feet and acts human.) - seems innocent enough, right? No. You or I might enjoy Bugs Bunny, or Tom and Jerry cartoons or Chewbacca like any normal person, but Furries take their interest to an absurd extreme. An extreme never before seen, this is what makes Furries so hilarious and worthy of mockery. Furryism is, at it's core, the sexual objectification of animals.

Where did Furries come from?

Furries have been around for a lot longer than you might think, apparently it all began in the 1970s.

If Furries have been around for so long, why did I only just hear about them?

This is a good question. From what I gather, Furries weren't ALWAYS the horrible throng of yiffing weirdos we know today, if you had ventured into alt.fan.furry in the early 90s you'd have simply seen a group of people discussing cartoons (You can verify this with Google Groups). As far as I know, sometime around the mid-90s something happend to Furries and each successive year after that they have become more and more deranged, more and more weird, more and more obnoxious and more and wrong and in recent years they've had a lot of media exposure because of their oddball antics. If you venture into the furry newsgroups these days you'll encounter people who... er.. well, lets put it this way: Remember your mother used to warn you not to take sweeties from strangers? Some of the people inhabiting the furry newsgroups are the kind of people she was worried about. "Bunny boilers" is a good term.

Is the owner of this website a Furry?

Christ no. I feel it's important to mock them, laugh at them and make them angry, it's also HEAPS of fun due to their persecution complex. Though it is a common misconception among Furries that anyone who criticizes them must be, or was at one time a Furry who has become disgruntled and bitter - Perhaps, for example, no one bought their incredibly detailed painting of Bambi using Thumper's left nostril for sexual gratification - I think this is because most Furries don't understand that the outside world considers them a laughing stock. Since there's considerably more internal Furry drama than external, it's much more likely to them that a disgruntled Furry would try to cause trouble. In short, they honestly don't understand why anyone would hate them.

How far do they take things?

I firmly believe that nothing is beyond Furries. Some will sink to any level to gratify their sexual urges. A lot of furries assure me that not ALL Furries like looking at poorly drawn pictures of cartoon characters having sex, not ALL Furries like reading Rescue Rangers erotic fiction, not ALL Furries have sex in Fursuits, not ALL Furries own a collection of specially modified 'yiffable' soft toys, not ALL Furries do these things - it's just the 'Furverts' it's just some bad 'Fursons' that are into those things.

Furryism is like an onion. Consider an onion - it has layers upon layers of skin that can be peeled away. Furryism is like that, but instead of layers of onion skins furryism has layers upon layers of what is scientifically known as "Horrible disgusting shit". And, like an onion, as you peel away more and more layers of horrible disgusting shit you tend to start weeping uncontrollably. While it is entirely fair to say "Not all furries are into [Horrible sexual deviance of choice]", it is a misleading statement that doesn't tell the whole story. Consider a group of ten people - 3 of them are paedophiles, 3 of them are zoophiles, 3 of them are rapists and 1 of them has a thing for corpses. Now, it is entirely truthful to say "Hey, not all of these people are into having sex with corpses" but that doesn't tell the whole story - it is instead more accurate to say "Hey, ALL of these people are into some really horrible stuff", and so it is with furryism.

If you go to any of the more popular Furry websites, all you'll see for miles and miles is pictures of various cartoon characters, or "fursonas" engaged in all manner of depravity - this represents the majority of furry art. When you type 'fursuit gallery' into google, one of the top 5 results is "Female fursuit sex gallery lesbians lolita teen preteen 13-year ..." (in fact a lot of innocent queries related to Furryism will bring up a plethora of Furry porn/paedo websites). This is furries are the internet's #1 laughing stock - they earned it.

Two Groups: Group 1

Lets put Furries into two groups here: In group 1 we have the people who have an obsession with anthropomorphic animals and artwork, these are your low-level Furries - they might draw anthropomorphic animals, they might have websites on the subject, they might post on messageboards about furryism, they might REALLY REALLY REALLY like Lilo and Stich (If you know what I mean). For all intents and purposes these Furries are KIND of like any other fanatic with access to the internet, on average they're just a bit dimmer than your usual fat nerd that attends a Star Trek convention dressed as Mr. Spock. I say "just a bit dimmer" because the guy who dresses up as Mr. Spock doesn't actually believe that the spirit of Mr. Spock is living inside his body and guiding his actions - such as a lot of furries believe in regards to their "animal spirit". Regardless, they are still obnoxious people and most definatley into some of that "Horrible, disgusting shit."

Two Groups: Group 2

Then there are the very insane, very horrible, very obnoxious Furries. These Furries long ago abandoned all that is good and decent in order to live a life of depravity and sin - they have invested their lives in evil. If you read Furry usenet groups, message boards or hang out in a Furry IRC channel, these are the Furries you most likely will encounter, these people make up the majority of internet Furries and own the majority of internet Furry websites. Lets list the things they're into...

The Fursuit

The Fursuit is just that, a fur suit. I'm sure you've seen those people at disneyland dressed up as Goofy, Mickey Mouse and so on. That's basically it. Most Furries come up with a 'character' to base their Fursuit on. The character is usually based on themselves, but with some animal element added into the mix (That said, most of them are wolves. Because furries are unimaginative dullards), and they'll break out the Fursuit whenever a Furry Con rolls around. Some Fursuits have special holes cut in them, or have special zippers in certian areas, if you know what I mean. There are also bondage Fursuits avalible that can't be taken off without a key. If you want to see some examples of Fursuits, have a look at our gallery, or do a google search for "my fursuit" you'll generally find that some of them are very well made and you can see that a lot of time and effort gets put into them - just take a look at the awesome RoboWolf - cool! However most of them aren't very good.

Furries on TV

There have been several good documentaries made about Furries, MTV made an especially good one. I'm not sure how you'd get ahold of the others, but This Furry is hosting the MTV documentary on his webspace. While I consider him a degenerate, it's very nice of him to host the MTV Documentary for Furries and non-Furries alike to watch. Remember though: Furries HATE this and other TV shows featuring Furries, they claim they only show the "bad" side of Furries and ignore the "Good" side, instead displaying them as obsessives with an overpowering fetish based on sexual attraction to animals - that sounds pretty accurate to me!

Well-known Furries

Thankfully there aren't any. Furries will never achieve the level of social acceptance required to become 'known'. However, there is Dennis Smith.

Other type of Furry

There's only really one type of Furry (the horrible type), but some Furries might describe themselves differently depending on if they have a particular penchant towards one type of animal. There's one divergence point though: Dragons. Some Furries think their bodies are home to the spirits of ancient Dragons, or maybe they were once Angels that have fallen to earth, now this is all completely insane of course, but at this point a furry becomes "Otherkin".

Otherkin aren't technically Furries, though they share some of the same characteristics. Generally, Otherkin aren't so bad when compared to Furries. In my experience, for Otherkin their subculture is more about their own spirituality rather than drawing pictures of the Care Bears engaged in an orgy with the Thundercats. So, while Otherkin are 100% demonstratably insane, their "thing" isn't the sexual objectification of animals. On average, Otherkin tend to be intelligent people - that is, compared to furries. And that's like saying a rock is intelligent compared to a puddle of mud.

Should I hate Furries?

You shouldn't hate someone for just being interested in the same things as Furries - perhaps they don't wear Fursuits? Perhaps they don't have sex with soft toys? Perhaps they don't LIKE looking at pictures of Darkwing Duck being sexually violated by Sebastian the crab while Jafar pisses on Chip N' Dale? Furryism is based on hijacking and retroactive branding, so someone that enjoys the same things as furries, may not be a furry at all.

No. You should hate stupid people, you should hate people that do and say stupid things and set themselves up for ridicule. You should mock them and belittle their works, you should hate people that choose a lifestyle based around wearing fursuits and shouting YIFF YIFF YIFF, people who sell crayon drawings of animals having sex, people who actually rape animals, you should mock people that view the animal planet channel as a form of pornography - the thing to remember is that the vast majority of furries are into one or more of these things.

The world is Furry.

This is an attempt to retroactivley classify things as "furry" - you'll find some furries that will try to tell you that the ancient Egyptians were furries. This is hijacking - not to mention really, really stupid. Furries don't have any significant culture or accomplishments of their own, so they steal them from other places and brand them "furry". Here's an example: Do you remember watching Thundercats as a kid? Remember how Lion-O was like half-lion-half-man or some junk? Fast forward to today - oh snap! Lion-O is a furry. Look now, see what they did to Lion-O. Actually it'd probably be better if you didn't click that, still my point about hijacking stands.

Now, I enjoy Chewbacca (from the Star Wars movies), he's great! He speaks in howls and grunts, he's HUGE, he's covered in brown fur, he smells bad and he's pretty old. Unfortunatley not only did I just describe Chewbacca, I just described a large amount of Furries. Some Furries would consider me a Furry due the fact that I think Chewbacca is cool. But to some Furries, if you display any kind of interest in something they define as 'furry' they'll instantly consider you a furry. This is a further example of hijacking and retroactive branding - first, broadly define a term so that you can cram as much stuff in there as possible. Step two: Slap a big old label on it. Step three: Success! You no longer feel like a gigantic social outcast, because, hey... furries are everywhere! Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were furries?

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