Where to find Furries

This is a difficult one. Time was, years ago, if you wanted to find Furries you'd just head on over to a newsgroup or a website and they'd be there, compounded into one set location because they knew that leaving 'home base' as it were would result in extreme mockery at the hands of everyone else. Not so these days, Furries are cocky and you'll find them everywhere, wether it be a baking website or a Starcraft fan site, there may be Furries lurking. That said, there are still some static places that you will find them...


Get ready for a wild ride. From the website...
Furcadia is the magical world where the animals have learned to walk upon two legs and speak. Create your own customizable avatar and start exploring the friendly, graphical environment with rich, player-driven content. Our established online community grew over years and has become a second home to many. Furcadia invites you to an interactive experience unlike any other.
Now that doesn't sound too bad, does it? It just sounds like any other chat program, just with some nice pretty graphics, and yes... it is, except Furcadia is overrun, INFESTED in fact, with Furries.
some horrible furry enjoying it's wings in furcadia As soon as you start Furcadia the first thing you're asked to do is create a character - simple enough, choose one of several anthropomorphic races, change the colours around a bit and give yourself a name. But what if you don't like your character? What if you want to be a Gryphon, or what if you want your sexy mouse to have wings? Well there's a solution to that, you'll be quite happy to know that you can have a Gryphon for the low price of $34.95. Want wings? $19.95, Butterfly wings? $24.95. Want to be a phoenix? $29.95. Basically, there's all manner of various Yifftastic characters you can have in Furcadia, but if you want the GOOD ones (Read: the ones that are most often the centre of Furry sexual fantasies) you're going to have to pay for them. Oh but those prices are just for one year. Phoenix for life? $149.95, Dragon for life? $249.95.

Wait a minute though, you might think I'm mocking the guys that run Furcadia - I'm not. I consider them to be geniuses and shrewd capitalists. Furries have been known to spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON THINGS LIKE THIS. Think about this for a minute. You have a glorified IRC client with some simple sprites probably made in mspaint, you have a simple little interface and character creation system - now, what to do with it? You need a 'theme', something that will attract people and make them choose your chat system over say, IRC. What do you do? You add Furries!! My god it's a masterstroke, the only community on the internet with people stupid enough to pay for wings to be added to their character that's probably all of 20 pixels tall.

My hat goes off to the creators of Furcadia, they have indeed found a lucrative venture and I wish them all the luck in the world in milking Furries dry. I would like to make a suggestion though: Testicles. Testicle addons for Furcadia characters! You could charge on a rising scale correlating to the size of the testicles required, perhaps with the largest set costing $500 and filling up half the screen with veins. Just a thought.

Yeah, in case you were wondering, 99% of what goes on in Furcadia is internet Yiffing, or discussion about how the 'Mundanes' are holding everyone back. It really goes without saying doesn't it? Of course, there are some normal people on Furcadia - it's a novel concept and it's bound to attract some people that aren't complete nutjobs - but yeah.. mostly Furries.


Furbid is like eBay, but for Furries. Furbid is quite possibly the single most disturbing part of the Furry community - sure, you might be permanently damaged from looking at peice of Furry artwork depicting Grape Ape inflicting a punishment rape upon Huckleberry Hound, but you'll be even more damaged when you see that some Furry is bidding $1200 for a print of it on Furbid. The adult sections of Furbid always have the most items for sale. If you venture in, you'll find all kinds of Furry fetish gear, very often you'll see a Bondage Fursuit for sale. This is a special kind of Fursuit that has some kind of external lock, so once someone is inside, they can't get out. You'll find specially modified 'yiffable' soft toys (soft toys with some kind of rubbery vaginal moulding installed), you'll find yiffy artwork, in fact some of the WORST yiffy artwork can be found on Furbid. You'll find self-published Furry porn magazines (Oh wait, that's called 'Furrotica' isn't it?), I could go on for pages about the kind of nasty shit that shows up on Furbid, but you really have to see it for yourself.

Like Furcadia, it isn't really the fault of the guys that run it that Furbid is overrun with yiffy parephenalia, and I respect them for being able to milk money out of Furries.


Internet relay chat, this is like Furcadia but without the pictures. Not much to say on this, really. The most popular Furry IRC server is irc.furnet.org, lots of channels, lots of users, lots of yiffing I'll wager. There are one or two not-too-bad people on irc.furnet.org though. WARNING: If you venture into a Furry IRC channel, be prepared to see lines and lines of people saying things like ***HUGZZZ*** and ***SCRITCH***.


I'll only list a couple of the more popular websites and portal sites.


The Furry presence is strongest on Livejournal due to lax moderation. This list is going to be long and I'll only be listing a few of the Furry communities on livejournal! By this point I have lost the will to live.


Usenet is where Furry began and.. really, where it should have stayed.

2 The Ranting Gryphon

You can find that here. 2 "The ranting gryphon" is the host of a furry internet radio show where he regularly complains and shouts about... stuff. A lot of furries religiously believe 2 to be the king of comedy, but any actual normal person will realise that his show is about as funny as having your eyeballs popped with a dentists' drill. 2 also has an astoundingly irritating voice as he sounds like an 8 year old screaming through a microphone attached to a flanger. Add all of this up and you have a recipie for disaster... unless you're a furry... in which case you have a recipie for what passes as "comedy" among furries. Beware, may cause vomiting.

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